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Property Condition Disclosure Forms


It has become increasingly common for states to require sellers to provide a "property condition disclosure statement" or PCD when selling a home. It is required whether you are using a realtor or not! If you are selling FSBO you should consult with your attorney about the legal requirements for your state. Below are a few examples of PCD's for various states.

The following PCD's are in .pdf format. Abode® acrobat reader is required to view these files. If you click on the files and nothing happens you probably do not have Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. The program is free and downloadable by clicking on the Adobe link.

Download Acrobat Reader

Sample Property Condition Disclosure Forms:

New York Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Indiana Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Louisiana Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Oklahoma Property Disclosure Statement
California Transfer Disclosure Statement
Ohio Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Tennessee Property Disclosure Statement
Texas Property Disclosure Statement

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